Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Akon Freedom - Out now!

Akon - Freedom is released

You heard right, yesterday Akon released his third album Freedom! And what am album it is.
Some fans claim it is his best album to date, and I have to say i'm not a stranger to that idea. I think that Akon - Freedom might be one of my favorites when i give it some time.

One fan stated "
Hallelujah! "Freedom" is the first Akon album that doesn't need an edited version to be sold at Wal-Mart! Although in terms of lyrics it's not totally free of that sex-and-violence insinuating language, it shows that it is possible to release a great hip-hop/R&B recording without resorting to extreme obscenity almost in every song."
And thats a pretty good point. Why would he need to make the language on "Freedom" so foul that everything has to be edited so that the general public can listen to it. Akon finally understand that his biggest market is teens.

Akon - Freedom is now available trough various online and offline stores. On amazon you can choose to either buy the album as a regular CD, buy it as mp3s or even buy only the mp3s you want. I have ordered two CDs, one for myself and one as a Christmas present. Currently amazon offers guaranteed delivery before Christmas, so hurry up! I have no doubt that one of the best albums this year will be "Akon Freedom".

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