Monday, November 24, 2008

Akon Freedom - Coming soon

Akon Freedom soon in stores

It is now just over a week to the big release of Akon Freedom. The third album from the artist that the lovers adore, and the haters say they can't get rid of will certainly be noticed. If Akon Freedom has what the two singles already released promise, we are in for a real treat. The two singles, "Right Now" and "I'm so paid", are at the moment making a huge impact on the charts around the world.

The rumored cooperation with Michael Jackson on Akon Freedom seems to be a thrown-away project according to the released Akon Freedom Tracklist. I personally think it is unwise of the studio not to release the track that could have given Akon Freedom the publicity it needed to go straight into the top spot on the charts. Recently the speculations has started on the internet that the MJ track will actually be a part of the album after all. People argue that denying that it is a part of the album is an even better publicity stunt for "Freedom". I guess only time will tell...

Akon freedom red
Get Akon Freedom for Christmas

This Christmas I bet that a lot of copies of Akon Freedom will be wrapped in paper and put under a tree all over the world. And why not? For the Akon fans, this may be the perfect present.
"Freedom" is currently available for pre ordering through Amazon. Get it today.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New style on Akon Freedom?

Akon Freedom - The sound changes

Following his two first albums, "Trouble" and "Konvict", Akon may be going for a musical makeover on his new album Freedom. Freedom was, as you probably know, going to be released on November 25. Not long ago however, Akon himself announced that the date had been set to December 2. Akon's Freedom may, according to himself, be going in a slightly different musical direction.

We all know Akon best from the style and sound he has been broadcasting on his top selling album Konvict. Now, he may be changing gears to maintain at the top of the lists. In an interview with Billboard he said "Everyone has adapted to the Konvict' sound already, so we had to switch it up. Now we're bringing the whole Euro-club sound. That's where we're headed with it." It will be interesting to hear what it is he actually means, and if the Akon Freedom sound will be that different from his earlier productions.

Akon has actually given us a little pre-taste from his album with the two singles already released. While his first single from Freedom, "Right now", is in some way typical of Akon, it also shows that he has adapted some new style and techniques. The sound of "Right now" is more synth driven than has been his style on the former albums. It has a more techno/dance-feel to it, so the comparision to the Euro-club scene is certainly understandable. "Right now" from Akon Freedom, is already a hit on the charts, and is of course available for purchase.

For the full track list see Akon Freedom tracklist

The big question now is how his fans will welcome the new sound. Right now he is one of the biggest rap/hip-hop characters out there, with a huge number of followers. With the new style, Akon's Freedom stands to be the album that can make or break Akon as on of the real stars of the rap-circus. If he is successful, he has shown that he is able to renew himself to adapt to the market. Akon Freedom will certainly be an exciting album.

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Akon's Freedom is available for pre ordering through this site now.

Update: Akon's two first albums, Trouble and Konvict, is also avaliable through this site.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Akon Freedom

Freedom by Akon to be released.

Akon has announced that he is to release his new album "Freedom" on December 2, 2008. Akon's Freedom will be a 15 track album, and it will feature collaborators such as Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, T-Pain and Wyclef Jean. The album was originally planned to be called "Acquitted", but it has later been confirmed that it is going to be named Freedom by Akon's label, Universal Music.

The tracklist from Akon Freedom contains these 15 tracks:

2. BEAUTIFUL (feat. Colby O'Donis)
4. TROUBLEMAKER (feat. Sweet Rush)
6. I'M SO PAID (feat. Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy)
7. HOLLA HOLLA (feat. T -Pain)
8. AGAINST THE GRAIN (feat. Ray Lavender)
10. SUNNY DAY (feat. Wyclef)

Some months ago, when I heard the news that Akon was going to do a song that featured the one and only Michael Jackson, my expectations for Freedom was enormous. The duo has actually recorded a song called "Hold my hand", but the latest news from Universal Music states that the track will not be included in the Freedom release.

Akon's Freedom will have its work cut out if it is aiming to be as popular as Akon's previous albums. His debut album "Trouble" was released in 2004. The album was a huge success, creating a world wide hit single with the track "Lonely". "Trouble" has sold more than 1.6 million copies. His second album "Konvicted", released in 2007, was an even bigger success. It has sold close to 5 million copies, and was the second most selling album in 2008. Konvicted debuted in second place on the Billboard top 200 album chart.

Two singles have already been released from Freedom. The two are "Right now" and "I'm so paid". Judging from these two singles, Akon Freedom will make a killing on the charts. They are both songs that follow in the great Akon style. If you want to listen to a taste of these songs, you find a player on right hand side of the site. Both can be bought as mp3's on Amazon.

Pre-ordering of the album is now available through various music stores. I advise you to order your copy today, because i have a feeling this will be an album everyone wants to have.